Included: Aguanish and l'Île-Michon, Pointe-Parent, Kegaska

Natashquan is unquestionably one of the best-known villages in the North Shore and Québec as a whole. Not only does it provide visitors with an unparalleled taste of a vibrant and original regional culture, it also offers striking vistas of nature at its most untamed.

As in the neighboring municipalities of Aguanish and L'Île-Michon and the Innu community of Nutashkuan, there are fine sand beaches, swimming areas, trails through the taiga, and magnificent wild rivers.

A brand new bridge across the wide Natshquan River, completed at the end of summer 2013, extends Route 138 and links the small fishing village of Kegaska to the rest of Québec.

"Les Galets" of Natashquan is an highly visited area of the village of Gilles Vigneault.

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activities in Natashquan
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