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du traversier du Labrador, 45 min à l’ouest de la route 138,
Bonne-Espérence – Rivière-Saint-Paul (Québec)

Phone: 418 461-2434
Other phone: 403 927-5418 (satellite)
Fax: 418 461-2434
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Aqua Labadie
Tourisme Côte-Nord

Aqua Labadie is a sea scallop farm on Salmon Bay in the municipality of Bonne-Espérance, an outstanding aquaculture site. Learn how scallops are grown at a typical Lower North Shore marine farm. Guided tours on land and/or sea will acquaint you with the techniques for farming scallops in their natural environment and let you observe live scallops in a seawater tank, sample scallops fresh out of the water, and visit the picturesque bay and growing site by boat.


June 15 to September 5. Reservations recommended.

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Aqua Labadie