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In 2007, part of the region of Manicouagan was designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, which thereby recognized the unique natural and cultural features of this area. Stretching from the St. Lawrence all the way to the northern reaches of the backcountry where the boreal forest gives way to the taiga, the Manicouagan-Uapishka World Biosphere Reserve covers an area of 54,800 km2 (21,200 sq. mi.), making it one of the largest world biospheres on the planet and by far the largest in Canada.

Slow erosion over time along with the effects of the glaciers and a gigantic impact crater contributed to shaping this unique region, which includes the famous “Eye of Québec,” the most striking impact structure on earth. The prestigious World Biosphere Reserve designation honours years of working to build a model of ownership and sustainable development. The region is thus part of an international network of 580 sites designated by UNESCO in 109 countries.

This recognition also provides an opportunity for regional reflection and collective accountability as well as being an invitation to excellence and social and corporate innovation. Take the time to discover the charms of this amazing region, where sea and forest meet.

The 21th edition of the annual bivouac brings together ...