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Population 1,937
Founded in 1846, Les Escoumins was the first parish in Haute-Côte-Nord. Today, this municipality invites visitors to discover the stunning marine life in the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park at one of Canada’s best diving sites. 

Whale-watching cruises, land-based marine mammal observation, sea kayaking, salmon fishing, a stay in an outfitter camp and snowmobiling are all activities that will immerse you in this natural environment. Discover the scenery around Escoumins Bay by hiking or cycling the Moulins trail and exploring the boardwalk and the Pointe-de-la-Croix historic site. 

Les Escoumins has also been awarded two florets by a horticultural classification program that recognizes municipalities for their beautification efforts. Take a detour to Parc des Chutes where you can watch salmon launch their way up the fish pass in the Escoumins River. In addition, don’t miss the large fresco by artist Claudet J. Savard. Located in a former flume, this work pays tribute to the two aquatic environments in the village. 

Les Escoumins also offers a selection of restaurants and accommodation options. Come and enjoy fresh seafood here!

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Getting there: Route 138, Les Escoumins. Boarwalk in the ...

Getting there: take Rue du traversier in Les Escoumins.   ...

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