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Théâtre des Belloufilles
Tourisme Côte-Nord

Carl and Véronique are in search of their own story through a full-scale role-playing game set in New France. Sarah-Charlotte wonders if it is possible to create a musical out of songs from Les Trois-Accords. Jonathan tries to imagine what the tale of the Chasse-Galerie from the 21st century would look like with a modified Civic instead of the magic canoe. They all are connected by the same desire: to be a part of the great bedtime stories we fall asleep to.

Légendes de Canapé, the first creation of the Théâtre des Béloufilles, is a comedy for all ages. The play is divided in ten sketches related to the culture of Quebec. What does Quebec culture consist of? What was kept from the old legends and what are the legends of today? Could we merge old tales and popular sitcoms?

After whale watching, kayaking or even following a wonderful meal in a restaurant, what better way to finish the day than by laughing and enjoying an astonishing play under the stars!


July 10 to September 5, 2021 inclusively, with 5 performances each week. Visit our website to know the exact schedule!

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Théâtre des Belloufilles