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Who better than local people ‘Gens du pays’ to make us experience a unique Quebec northern region where lay in a stream coastal villages only linked, by way of land, in wintertime? This is what the specialized agency of the Lower North Shore in Québec, Voyage CoSte offers with this condensed 4 nights/5 days on “THE WHITE ROAD”, unique winter road within this destination.

On 700 kilometres, to immerse yourselves with local life’s conditions in a time of year where snow and blizzards make out there some impressive horizons, to speak with local people, natives and pioneer of the French and English  settlements, is like going back (despite modernity) to more than half a century ago.

From your first day (your arrival at the Labrador frontier with Provincial Airlines) after a stay to Montréal or Quebec, the amazement follows! The last bit of paved road and there you are on your snowmobile, sliding… Your under gear biting the snow for the next four days...

Goal: from the Quebec’s frontier you will go upstream, where Quebec’s road network begins (the never-ending 138) that we will leave behind since gradually under the skis of your vehicle, kilometers are eaten up, villages are met, you are becoming an expert of the driving season driving practiced East of Natashquan.  Moreover, there is nothing more secure than a local guide to accompany, inform and serve as a translator if need be.

Every time it is a memorable experience within this Nordic expanse.

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