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The Path of the Rivière-aux-Rosiers is one of the most popular trails in the Manicouagan. 25 km are available to you, both for beginners and for the more adventurous for short or long trips with the family. Come discover the many waterfalls, lookouts natural, scenic viewpoints and forest biodiversity. You can climb the Papinachois mountains which offer a breathtaking view of the territory and, even on the south shore of the St. Lawrence river.

The parking is under the Hydro-Québec lines on the Auteuil rd, 4 km from Route 138. Less than a mile from the main entrance, enjoy the fitness trail and rest area.

Open year round, free admission.

The trail Fascine offers a relaxation area at the rate of the sea and a beautiful view. From the Ragueneau dock, you discover the archipelago, an important nesting site for seabirds. It receives every year several species. The top of the gazebo, watching the eider, night heron, little penguin, cormorant crested, great blue heron and friendly seals.

Enjoy the site built shelters, picnic tables, benches and a playground for children.

Free admission.

The archipelago of Ragueneau
Ragueneau Islands are located at the west end of the village. It is a small archipelago of four islands and a dozen reefs. Thousands of birds and ducks coexist on the islands during the summer season. Among the most important, cormorant, which alone accounts for more than 5000 individuals, colonies of common eiders, sea gulls and herring gulls. In addition, several other species, including black ducks, terns, razorbills, scoters, large and small knights, great blue herons and sandpipers are also very present in the region. We should not forget our colonies of seals (harbor seals) and gray seals (about 100 individuals) who spend the summer on the sandbanks and reefs discovered by the tide.

Finally, a dock facing the islands, which once served as the first inhabitants of the region, is guarded by a dinosaur and small. The platform has been specially redesigned to accommodate people who want to relax or take a leisurely meal. The sound of waves crashing on the rocks and the birds embellish this enchanting site.

Population 1,324Ragueneau is the gateway Manicouagan ...

Located in the heart of the municipality of Ragueneau and ...


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