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Quai de Ragueneau, Péninsule Manicouagan,
Ragueneau (Québec)

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Ragueneau Islands Archipelago | Pique-nique en famille
Tourisme Côte-Nord

This small archipelago made up of four islands and a dozen reefs is located at the western edge of the village within view of the pier. Several thousand birds and sea ducks nest on the islands, along with hundreds of harbour seals and grey seals. The pier, which is under the watchful eye of a mother dinosaur and her baby, is a lovely spot to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

The magnificent views along this trail allow visitors to ...


Accessible year-round, free short-term RV parking.


Free admission

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Ragueneau Islands Archipelago | Quai de Raqueneau gazebo et vue sur le fleuve