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Longue-Rive (Québec)
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Salt marsh interpretation center
Tourisme Côte-Nord

The salt marshes of Longue-Rive cover close to 250 hectares (620 acres) and are the second largest such marshes in the province of Québec. A stopover point for migratory birds, this observation area consists of raised decks along the edges of the marsh offering a magnificent panoramic view. Here you will learn various secrets about wetlands, which are both captivating and mysterious.

Since 1999, the marshes are protected by Ducks Unlimited Canada. The site is known to bird-watching clubs throughout Québec as one of the best observation areas in the province. These marshes are an important staging area for Canada geese, brants, greater snow geese, several species of dabbling and diving ducks as well as shorebirds. They are also an excellent breeding area for several species of dabbling ducks, including the American black duck, the northern pintail and the northern shoveller. You can also observe some of Québec’s threatened bird species here, such as the sharp-tailed sparrow, the peregrine falcon and the short-eared owl.

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