Included: Longue-Rive, Portneuf-sur-Mer, Colombier

A bit further east, the municipalities of Longue-Rive (map), Portneuf-sur-Mer, Forestville, and Colombier welcome you. Salt marshes, sandbanks, and one-of-a-kind vegetation provide rich habitat for wildlife and make the region a bird lovers' paradise that is sure to delight new and seasoned birders alike.

Take the time to explore the area between Longue-Rive and Colombier. There, you will find pure, natural beauty that hurried vacationners will never see.

An accredited village-relais (service center), Forestville has a charming historic heritage and a vast backcountry popular with hunters, anglers, and cottage-goers drawn by its numerous fish-laden lakes and outfitting operations. Forestville also boasts numerous winter activities, including the popular Boréal Loppet cross-country ski competition, famous throughout Québec and beyond.

In summer, a ferry runs between Forestville and Rimouski.

© Jean-Guy Lavoie
© Yves Fabes
activities at Forestville
© Yves Ouellet