To hear the singing of whales, to perceive them or still, to feel their breath, that would say to you? Few places to the world offer the opportunity to go to meet several species of cetaceans, among which the blue whale, the humpback whale, or still, the beluga whale. In the region of Côte-Nord, it is possible to visit two study center : the Marine Mammal Interpretation Center (CIMM) in Tadoussac and the Mingan Island Cetacean Study in Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan. One of the best places to observe whales in Quebec is along the coast of St-Lawrence, between Tadoussac and Blanc-Sablon. In cruise, in kayak, or still on foot, go off to explore the biggest mammals to the world.

The Whale route is a circuit which represents 300 km of coast. On this road filled with amazing panoramas, 13 species of whales, maritime activities as well as a multitude of tourist attractions offers itself to you. Of village in village, learn more on the universe there fascinating whales. Visit Whales online for more details.

To observe whales in cruise is a way pleasant to discover them. Here is the list of the companies which propose excursions on cruise ships or still, in zodiac.

Consult the list of whale watching companies                                      Consult the list of kayak companies

For people avid to live a really exceptional experience with cetaceans, take the sea aboard a kayak, guaranteed shivers! Once again, several companies of the tourist region offer excursions in sea kayak. Very safe, it is also accessible for the entire family.

Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park (Parks Canada) is known as one of the best places in the world for whale watching. These majestic animals benefit of the abundance of food therein to replenish its energy reserves. 

The marine park was established to protect this rich environment and everything that lives there, from the seabed to the surface of the water. See the table of ground observation sites.

Ground observation sites

Finally, the Whale route, it is also many ground sites. To observe these big marine mammals of the edge of the coast and you will be delighted, certainly. For any knowledge of the ground sites of observation, consult the guide of the Network of observation of whales by clicking this link.

Whale watching sites

Take the Whale route, it is to go off to explore a fascinating world!

Tadoussac La pointe de l'Islet
Sacré-Coeur La baie Sainte-Marguerite
Les Bergeronnes Le Centre d'interprétation et d'observation de Cap-de-Bon-Désir
Les Escoumins Le Centre de découverte du milieu marin
Portneuf-sur-Mer La pointe des Fortin
Colombier Le cap Colombier
Ragueneau L'archipel de Ragueneau
Baie-Comeau Carrefour maritime
Baie-Comeau L'anse Saint-Pancrace
Franquelin La pointe à la Croix
Godbout La baie de Godbout
Baie-Trinité La pointe des Monts
Baie-Trinité Le sentier des naufragés
Port-Cartier Côte Jambon
Sept-Îles Côte de l'Aéroport
Sept-Îles Embouchure de la rivière Brochu
Sept-Îles Parc du Vieux-Quai
Rivière-au-Tonnerre Belvédère CoSte
Magpie Belvédère de Magpie
Mingan Quai
Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan Promenade près de la plage
Havre-Saint-Pierre Long de la plage
Île d'Anticosti Pointe-Carleton
Île d'Anticosti Pointe-Nord
Bonne-Espérance Secteur du Vieux-Fort
Blanc-Sablon Blanc-Sablon