With hundreds of kilometers of snowmobile trails, the Côte-Nord is a welcome paradise for snowmobilers. The region is home to bountiful and wild landscapes, large trails and many bodies of water—all of which are sure to entice and amaze visitors. If you are planning a snowmobiling trip, be sure to order a map of the Côte-Nord’s snowmobiling trails by calling toll-free at:  1 888 463-5319 or 1 888 463-0808. You can also download a PDF version by clicking on the following link: Lien vers la carte.

In addition to its enchanting trails, the Côte-Nord is renowned for its bridges, including the bridge across the Manicouagan River, which is the highest in the world! Be sure to take a moment atop of the bridge to bask in the breathtaking views of the region. The bridge over the Rivière Bersimis provides snowmobilers a safe passage over the river. Due to its wide structure, the bridge is maintained and cleared of snow throughout the entire season.

During the winter, the Lower North Shore, not connected to the Quebec road network is easily accessible through the snowmobile trail Route Blanche. The trail of about 460 km pass through fourteen villages of fishermen, including Harrington Harbour.

As you snowmobile across the Côte-Nord, get ready to tackle the snow drifts for a true Nordic adventure!

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