At 222 km long, Anticosti Island is the largest island in Québec. Located opposite Havre-Saint-Pierre in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, it can be reached by plane or by boat. In 1895, the island was purchased by French chocolate maker and industrialist Henri Menier, who developed it until 1926. It is home to over 160,000 white-tailed deer, some 160 bird species, and rare and sometimes endemic plants. Its limestone geology, which is rich in fossils, has fashioned incredible landscapes. Salmon fishing, deer hunting, and vacationing are among the island’s main activities. Parc national d’Anticosti also offers many outdoor activities for exploring this vast island playground. In addition, various tourism stakeholders offer several activities in the areas of Port-Menier, west of the island and the Lake Genevieve Outfitter.

Mystique d’un bout à l’autre, vous aurez la chance de découvrir l’histoire unique de l’île d’Anticosti grâce à l’économusée d’Anticosti, aux ruines du village de Baie-Sainte-Claire, au phare de Pointe-Ouest, aux épaves de navires qui longue la côte et au seul village de l'île : Port-Menier.