The 138 - The Whale Route of the North Shore

Who says Côte-Nord, says whale. These large mammals are present every year along the north coast of the St. Lawrence River. The 138 road name reffer to the 13 species of whale that can be found during the summer along the coast. These 13 species include the largest mammal on the planet: the great blue whale.

There are 13 species of whales in the St. Lawrence that can be observed from a cruise ship, sea kayak or from the shore. Large blue whales feed on the plankton and small fish that congregate in the deep, nutrient-rich waters of the Laurentian channel: they are brought in by the tides and trapped  by the channel's distinctive underwater topography. This turns the area into a feeding ground for these giants of the see, and makes it easy to spot them here.


A trip to the North Shore: a larger-than-life experience!

Follow the blue signs with the white whale and discover the secrets of the Whale Route! Blue road signs signal points of interest to tourists and point you to natural attractions that hurried often miss. Some towns feature little-known access point to the coast, impressive observation sites, or interpretation facilities. So get off the beaten track and increase your odds of observing the marine mammals that call our waters home.


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